UK Rowers

After a break of a couple of years UK Rowers are back. My philosophy as changed, so you will not get emails during the event asking you for more and what we are doing in relation to everyone else, you can see that yourselves. Its about setting you goals and getting the best out of yourself. So if you want to join a team with no hassle but do want to be part of something bigger please join and lets see if we can be one of the top teams again. Derek Unsworth Team Manager UK Rowers

Athlete Age Location Country
Aaron the modest 30 Kingston upon Thames GBR
Adrian Quinney 61 Coventry (UK) GBR
Adrian Treharne 51 GBR
Alan Boyd 76 Dunblane GBR
Alan Connor 60 Prestwick GBR
Alastair Billson 46 Maidenhead GBR
Alastair Lennon 43 GBR
Alison Myall 53 South Wales GBR
Alison Dowd 58 West midlands GBR
Amardeep Riyat 44 London GBR
Andrew Edmonds 66 Cardiff GBR
Andrew Robinson 47 GBR
Andrew Cracknell 59 GBR
Andrew Farrington 55 Birmingham GBR
Andrew Rodgers 58 Leeds GBR
Andy Graham 48 London GBR
Andy Petty 57 Cotswolds GBR
Ash Thomas 56 Bristol GBR
Ashley Lloyd 42 Shropshire GBR
Barbara Cracknell 64 London GBR
Bill Message 38 GBR
Bryn Harding 50 Mevagissey GBR
Cameron Hogg 50 Stirling GBR
Carol Matthews 63 GBR
Caroline Selwood 37 Aberdeen GBR
Chris Wilson 54 GBR
Chris Squires 63 Ossett GBR
Chris Walker 57 Hertfordshire GBR
Chris Unsworth 26 Bradford GBR
Chris Castle 40 Darlington GBR
Chris Smith 54 San Diego, CA USA
Christina Harrison 66 Greenbank Falmouth Rowing Club GBR
Christopher Cadman 35 GBR
Claudia Gray 57 Norwich GBR
D'Arcy de Cuevas 49 Chichester GBR
Dan McHugh 62 Coventry GBR
Dave Ritchie 59 st helens GBR
Dave Baker 59 Isle of Wight GBR
Dave Myall 57 South Wales GBR
David Hughes 52 West Midlands GBR
David Godley 67 Stoke on Trent GBR
David Sutcliffe 60 Warrington GBR
David Yates 56 Hereford GBR
David McGuinness 45 GBR
davie moston 42 GBR
Dawn Castle 42 Darlington GBR
Dean Brown 38 London GBR
Denby Pettitt 64 Aberdeen GBR
Derek Unsworth 59 Bradford GBR
Dominic Meagher 62 St. Ives, Cambs. GBR
Donna Evers 42 GBR
Duncan Knight 53 GBR
Eustace Garnier 65 London GBR
Ewan Easton 57 Lesmahagow, Lanarkshire GBR
Fiona Bell 62 Woking GBR
Garry Jones 55 North Wales GBR
gary cutter 67 Lympsham GBR
Gary Peter Bratt 61 Jørpeland NOR
Gina Allsop 48 Berkshire GBR
Graham G Matthews 62 Dorchester GBR
Name withheld
Helen Williamson 42 Redhill GBR
Ian Readman 50 Southampton GBR
Ian Mew 49 Dorchester GBR
Ian Lloyd 52 GBR
James Degiorgio 44 Maldon GBR
James Leighton-Burns 49 Scotby GBR
Jamie MacLeod 30 Cranleigh GBR
Jan Waite 68 Darlington GBR
Jane Hughes 62 essex GBR
Jane Pye 69 GBR
Jason O'Brien 56 London GBR
Jeremy Cook 48 East Grinstead GBR
Jeremy Kimber 60 Leicestershire GBR
Joe Highfield 45 Sheffield GBR
John Johnstone 68 Basingstoke GBR
john chambers 82 darlington GBR
jonathan moore 42 London GBR
Julian Gren 60 Ross-On-Wye GBR
Justin Atkins 46 Oxford GBR
Jye Bradford 49 Daventry GBR
Karen Knight 64 Penzance GBR
Kelvin Wood 39 Bromsgrove GBR
Kerry Holton 36 Andover GBR
Kev McGrath 56 Saltash GBR
Kevin Devine 66 Harmby North Yorkshire GBR
Kevin Rosema 51 London GBR
Kevin Thomas 61 Gosport GBR
Kevin Rolling 64 Nottingham GBR
Kieran Jordan 35 Lincoln GBR
Latoya Bessey 45 Atherstone GBR
laura wright 35 GBR
Leigh Bishop 50 Portsmouth GBR
Lesley Gavin 60 Lanarkshire GBR
Liz Bownas 52 GBR
Louisa Southworth 49 Manchester GBR
Name withheld
Luke Harvey 37 Bath GBR
Marc Pilgrem 49 Kent GBR
Marc Burnham 49 Woolhampton West Berkshire GBR
Marc Russell 45 Birmingham GBR
Marius Moldovan 37 Rugby GBR
Mark McGillicuddy 61 Solihull GBR
Mark Murphy 52 Bolton GBR
Mark Brocklehurst 42 Dukinfield GBR
Martin Brailli 60 Reading GBR
Martin Kendall 56 Forth Valley GBR
Matt Preston 51 Loughborough GBR
Matthew Dunn 58 Warwick GBR
maurice todd 77 darlington GBR
Michael Matkin 70 Bognor Regis GBR
Michael Smith 61 London GBR
Michael Armory 41 GBR
Michael Rukin 38 Wiltshire GBR
murray p 25 GBR
Nathaniel Fowles 48 Angmering, West Sussex GBR
Neil Cross 43 Colchester GBR
Neil Hogg 43 Swanage GBR
Neil Simpson 42 Whitley Bay GBR
Nigel Woodward 64 Biggleswade GBR
Nigel Peake 63 Solihull GBR
P T-S 23 NED
Patrick Adams 72 London GBR
Paul Stump 69 Dubai UAE
Paul Derlacki 72 Sandhurst GBR
Pete Lindley 47 Folkestone GBR
Peter Waite 67 Darlington GBR
Peter Wiggins 51 Aylesbury GBR
Peter Wakelin 63 Barnstaple, North Devon. GBR
Peter Wivell 52 Ashford(Middx) GBR
Peter Bidwell 54 Dorchester GBR
Phil Parkin 53 Birmingham GBR
Phil Barber 57 Leeds GBR
Philip Saunders 55 Stratton GBR
Richard Slusarczyk 64 chandler, AZ USA
Richard Wall 68 Lynton GBR
Rick Sims 44 Shrewsbury GBR
Rob Matthewman 37 GBR
Rob Huxford 47 Birmingham GBR
Robert Kamper 65 Peterborough GBR
Robert Spence 57 Broxburn GBR
Robert Dawson 49 Chester-le-Street GBR
Robert Forrest 39 GBR
Robin Lawson 53 GBR
Russell Kent 51 Cardiff GBR
Ryan Unsworth 29 Bradford GBR
Ryan Suchocki 30 Cambridge GBR
Saleem Bukhari 57 Shrewsbury GBR
Sam de Kooker 40 St Peter Port, Guernsey GBR
Samuel Russell 31 Kendal GBR
Sarah Beresford 57 Lancaster GBR
Sarah Maton-Williams 41 Shropshire GBR
Sarah Jones 53 Amersham GBR
Scott Hamilton 49 Glasgow GBR
Scott Rowntree 43 Stoke Hammond GBR
Sean Foley 47 Surrey GBR
Sean O'Reilly 38 Dartford GBR
Shaun Harrison-Fuller 55 Cambridge GBR
Shelley Hall 43 Shropshire GBR
shirley todd 74 darlington u.k. GBR
simon jewers 63 dorset GBR
Simon Lackner 62 Penryn GBR
Simon Skinner 31 Portsmouth GBR
Stephanie Unsworth 60 GBR
Stephen Parker 68 Wilshaw GBR
Stephen Carpenter 59 Marlborough GBR
stephen smith 56 chelmsford GBR
Steve Burrows 64 Paddy Power IRC , Dorking GBR
Steve Williams 72 Dorset GBR
Steve Wakeham 55 Knaresborough GBR
Steve Muller 39 Cowbridge GBR
Stewart Niven 56 Guelph, ON CAN
Stuart White 70 St Margarets at Cliffe GBR
Sylvia Speechley 71 Droitwich Spa GBR
Tatyana Spiers 60 Nottingham GBR
Thomas McEvoy 44 Winchester GBR
Tim Johnson 51 GBR
Toby Smith 58 Benfleet GBR
Tony Martin 73 Hereford GBR
Victor Jablonski 40 Birmingham GBR
Will Sharkey 39 GBR
Will Wright 36 Chelmsford GBR
Will Adams 44 Ulverston GBR
Zsofia Hofekker 46 Worcester GBR