UK Rowers

After a break of a couple of years UK Rowers are back. My philosophy as changed, so you will not get emails during the event asking you for more and what we are doing in relation to everyone else, you can see that yourselves. Its about setting you goals and getting the best out of yourself. So if you want to join a team with no hassle but do want to be part of something bigger please join and lets see if we can be one of the top teams again. Derek Unsworth Team Manager UK Rowers

World Erg Challenge Participants

Pos. Athlete Age Location Country Challenge
4 Dave Ritchie 60 St. Helens GBR 912,290m
9 Christopher Knox 53 East Grinstead GBR 274,287m
6 simon jewers 64 dorset GBR 230,004m
1 John Johnstone 69 Basingstoke GBR 218,538m
7 Tim Johnson 51 GBR 208,621m
8 Andrew Farrington 55 Birmingham GBR 179,893m
11 Steve Humphries 56 GBR 147,045m
10 Robert Forrest 39 GBR 141,928m
3 john chambers 83 darlington GBR 123,897m
5 Rick Sims 45 Shrewsbury GBR 5,000m
2 maurice todd 77 darlington GBR 0m