Brooks Adaptive Rowing

Brooks Rehabilitation offers the most comprehensive adaptive sports and recreation program in the country, providing fun and fitness for people of all ages living with a physical disability. Program participants can enjoy competitive or recreational team and individual sports, plus a variety of other wellness and fitness activities. - See more at:

Athlete Age Location Country
Bill Benoit 60 USA
Chris Fonner 55 Jacksonville, FL USA
Christopher Martin 44 USA
Dale Moon 64 USA
Dale Moon 58 USA
Devin Storey 31 USA
Don Bergman 59 USA
Harris Blackwell 43 USA
Harris Blackwell 43 Jacksonville, FL USA
Jessica Morawski 44 USA
Jim Barrett 62 USA
Josh O'Neill 44 USA
Madeline Pearl 24 USA
Mitch Gable *** PR3 Adaptive 59 Jacksonville, FL USA
Sandy Brown 53 Jacksonville, FL USA
Sarah Williford 35 Jacksonville, FL USA
Sarah Williford 35 Jacksonville, FL USA
Scott Brown - PR2 Adaptive 57 Jacksonville, FL USA
Sean Conroy 48 Fleming Island, FL USA
Shauna Hicks 54 USA
Stephen Wilson 55 USA
Tiffany Shoemaker 39 USA
Tony Starkes 49 USA