Mitch Gable *** PR3 Adaptive

Age: 58
Country: United States
Location: Jacksonville, FL
Affiliation: Brooks Adaptive Rowing
Team: Brooks Adaptive Rowing
Height: 5 ft 11 in
Weight: 180 lb
Wingspan: 6 ft 0 in
Adaptive Rowing Category: PR3 (PD)
Logbook ID: 1185146
Member since: February 13, 2018

A very long time ago, I was in a bad car accident, & then was soon after diagnosed with "Cerebellar Degeneration" in which my condition is supposed to get progressively worse over-time. Over the years, I have become increasingly uncoordinated, & it can be very painful to walk. In the past, I was unable to exercise like I wanted/needed to... I just couldn't break a good sweat. At that time, I started to withdraw from everything, & just stay home.
A while ago, a good friend said to me that rowing is one of the only exercises that you can get a full-body workout while sitting on your butt. At that very moment, a light bulb turned on in my head, & I thought to myself, " Hey, I can do that! ".
My legs are still weak from a lack of activity over the many moons of life, but they're getting stronger every week from rowing & cycling, Now, I'm able to participate in many of the Concept2 challenges as well as having participated in the: (the Bayada Regatta in Philly - Bronze Medal), (the Crash-Bs in Boston - 2nd Place), the (Southern Sprints in Melbourne - 3x Silvers & 6x Golds), (2022 USRowing Master Nationals Championship in Sarasota - I lucked out & got a GOLD Medal), (Halifax Rowing Association's Summer Regatta in Daytona Beach - a Gold & a Silver) ... God is so good!!!

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Date Time Distance Pace Type
09/23/23 1:02:37.0 6,883m 4:32.9 On-water
09/21/23 2:00:42.0 22,225m 5:25.8 BikeErg
09/19/23 5:28.9 1,111m 2:28.0 RowErg
09/19/23 20:14.7 3,333m 3:02.2 RowErg
09/19/23 35:17.8 5,555m 3:10.6 RowErg

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Date Event Result Pace Type
08/15/23 1,000m 4:15.2 2:07.6 RowErg