Team Canada

Athlete Age Location Country
Name withheld
A Bochenek 58 ON CAN
Aaryn Wyper 41 Kelowna, BC CAN
Abigail D 15 WI USA
Name withheld
Ahmed Adel Ali 36 Grand Cayman CAY
Alain Boulanger 50 Marieville, QC CAN
Alain Ruel 57 Toronto, ON CAN
Alain Bouvier 54 Laval, QC CAN
Alain Dufort 55 Laval, QC CAN
Alan Beckwith 64 Medfield, MA USA
Alan Spence 57 Toronto, ON CAN
Alan Keylock 71 North Vancouver, BC CAN
Alec Koschanow 16 Burlington, ON CAN
Alex Rosch 39 Sundre, AB CAN
Alex Lines 49 Austin, TX USA
Alex Milovic 42 Geneva, IL USA
Alexander Duncan 31 Annapolis, MD USA
Alexander Younger 49 Toronto, ON CAN
Alice Iskiw 37 Toronto CAN
Alice White 68 Lanark, ON CAN
Alison Toye 45 Victoria, BC CAN
Name withheld
Alissa Walters 45 Parkville, MO USA
Allan Coveney 73 Mildura, VI AUS
Allan Gillis 81 Toronto CAN
Allen Meredith 68 Toronto, ON CAN
Allen Merrill 72 Encinitas, CA USA
Allison Biggar 36 Tillsonburg, Ontario CAN
Allison Stewart 51 Edmonton, AB CAN
Amanda Hunt 44 West Kelowna, BC CAN
Amanda Spencer 49 Toronto, ON CAN
Amanda Bolah 43 Toronto, ON CAN
Amelia N 19 CAN
Amy Zhang 58 Windsor CAN
Amy Whitesall 50 Chelsea, MI USA
An Keylock 68 Vancouver, BC CAN
Anastasios Varvarikos 51 Pointe-Claire, QC CAN
Anders Thurfjell 41 Karlskrona SWE
Andre Moreau 60 Gatineau, QC CAN
Andre Denis 59 Marietta, GA USA
Andreas Marx 54 Oakville, ON CAN
Andrei Oprea - Pointe-Claire, QC CAN
Andrew Rubio 59 Farnham GBR
Andrew Nowak 42 Troy, ON CAN
Andrew Geisheimer 36 Coquitlam, BC CAN
Andrew Fletcher 55 Upper St. Clair, PA USA
Andrew Connaris 71 Delta, BC CAN
Andrew Langerman 67 New York, NY USA
Andrew Denham 55 Wargrave GBR
Andrew Bellamy 39 SP Systems, IOW GBR
Andrew Davis 60 Stockton On Tees GBR
Andrew McLeod 50 Tokyo JPN
Andrew Mason 58 Brighton, ON CAN
Andrew Truman 56 North Saanich, BC CAN
Andrew Fish 54 Olympia, WA USA
Andrew Cherwenka 48 Vancouver, BC CAN
Andy Mueller 37 Medford, MA USA
Angela Gordon 54 Niagara-on-the-Lake CAN
Angela Hamilton 52 TORONTO, ON CAN
Ann Gallic 41 Geneseo, NY USA
Ann Moore 64 Stratford NZL
Anna Thomson 29 Wellington NZL
Anne Pelon 77 Holliston, MA USA
Anne Bourlioux 59 Montreal, QC CAN
Anne-Marie Hadden 62 Nepean, ON CAN
Anne-Marie Fequet 44 Thunder Bay, ON CAN
Antonis Gitsas 38 Linz AUT
Anu Garg 56 CAN
Art Grant 62 North Vancouver, BC CAN
Ashley Rice 31 CAN
Audrene Karst 63 Calgary, AB CAN
Name withheld
Barbara Schlicksbier 60 Frankfurt am Main GER
Barclay McIvor 43 Regina, SK CAN
Barry Stephens 64 Hamilton, Ontario CAN
Barry Spratt 61 London 🇨🇦, ON CAN
Barry Nash 69 Toronto, Ontario CAN
Barry Byers 63 Oakville, ON CAN
Benjamin Alarie 42 Toronto, ON CAN
Benoit Boulanger 53 Windsor, QC CAN
Benoit Legris 55 Terrebonne, QC CAN
Berend Seinen 59 Meteren NED
Bernard Dupuis 65 Burlington, ON CAN
Bernie Danylyshen 66 Coronation, AB CAN
Bernie Keown 69 Ord, NE USA
Bethany Johnson 28 Vineland, NJ USA
Bill Spence 49 Ottawa, ON CAN
Bill Josephson 57 GER
Bill Myers 67 Cambridge, ON CAN
Bill Tantillo 60 San Jose, CA USA
Name withheld
Bill Ross 66 Yardley, PA USA
Bill Kochuk 68 Raleigh, NC USA
Bob Wheatley 68 Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON CAN
Bob Grogg 77 Winchester, VA USA
Bob Lapo 79 Browns Mills, NJ USA
Bob Bubba 76 Toronto, ON CAN
Bob Soderstrom 80 Arden, NC USA
Bob Levac 55 Ottawa, ON CAN
Bonnie Crocker 49 London, ON CAN
Borys Gogus 52 Toronto, ON CAN
Brad Shopland 37 Edmonton, AB CAN
Brad Bracewell 46 Cloverdale, BC CAN
Brad Furtney 55 Newmarket, ON CAN
Bradley Carter 39 Ottawa, ON CAN
Bren Robbins 45 Vancouver, BC CAN
Brenda LaPrairie 56 North Saanich, BC CAN
Brendan Blackmore 27 Fort St. James, BC CAN
Brent Holmes 35 Peterborough, ON CAN
Brent Townshend 56 Toronto, ON CAN
Brian James 35 Pickering CAN
Brian Ream 65 Washington CH, OH USA
Brian Ruttle 59 Orangeville, ON CAN
Brian Atkinson 53 Lacombe, AB CAN
Brian Page 67 Kitchener CAN
Brian Cutler 62 Medina, OH USA
Brian Jessen 54 Mississauga, ON CAN
Brian Boyer 63 Lafayette, LA USA
Brian Turner 51 Peterborough, ON CAN
Brian Murphy 67 Ludlow GBR
Brian Smeets 49 Oakville, ON CAN
Brian Coulas 59 Kincardine CAN
Brian McElrone 60 North Haledon, NJ USA
Brian Roche 51 Toronto, ON CAN
Brian Sholom 42 Winnipeg, MB CAN
Brian Mair 65 Glasgow GBR
Brian Hass 58 West St. Paul, MB CAN
Brian Thurgood 60 Almonte, ON CAN
Brian Laishes - Madison, WI USA
Brigitte Brouillard 59 Montreal, QC CAN
Bruce Clark 71 Newcastle, ON CAN
Bruce Vanderzyde 56 Missouri City, TX USA
Bruce Bell 60 Shanghai CHN
Bruno Schmidt 55 Toronto, ON CAN
Bruno Compartino 19 La Baie, QC CAN
Bryan Millard 57 Marengo, IL USA
Bryan Hillis 63 Regina, SK CAN
Bryan Querubin 46 Brampton, Ontario CAN
Bryant Yeomans 73 British Columbia CAN
Caitlin Pauls 33 St. Catharines, ON CAN
Carl Medgaus 71 Export, PA USA
Carmen Levesque 72 CAN
Carol Fallin 66 Calgary, AB CAN
Carola Dirscherl 45 München GER
Carole Bonnici 56 Toronto, ON CAN
Caroline Whitfield 55 Inverness GBR
Carolyn O'Brien 63 Sammamish, WA USA
Carsten Freytag 58 Lassahn GER
Catherine Boudreault 25 La Baie, QC CAN
Cecile Jakob 58 Niagara Falls, ON CAN
Cellan Michael 50 Usk GBR
Chad - 48 CAN
Chad Rawn 43 Markham, ON CAN
Chantale Ducharme 63 La Baie,Saguenay, QC CAN
Charles Cofell-Baldassarro 28 CAN
Charles Kaiser 56 Aurora, ON CAN
Charles Manners 57 Orillia, ON CAN
Charles Henderson 49 Portland, OR USA
Chauncy B 39 Nelson, BC CAN
Chester Cwik 63 Waterloo, ON CAN
Chip Kruthoffer 52 Hamilton, OH USA
Chris Quentin 56 Fremont, CA USA
Chris Freeman 73 Halifax GBR
Chris Renner 58 Lindenhurst, NY USA
Chris Dallmus 66 Acton, MA USA
Chris Breen 59 Randolph, NJ USA
Chris Caldwell 38 Grande Prairie, AB CAN
Chris Fraser 32 Burlington, ON CAN
Christian Beauchesne 55 CAN
Christian Hultner 57 Pozuelo de Alarcon ESP
Christiane Gauthier 56 Toronto CAN
Christiane Coda 53 Gatineau CAN
Christie Loewen 42 Sidney, BC CAN
Christopher van der Lugt 38 Boston, MA USA
Christopher Seymour 55 Newburgh, NY USA
Christopher Long 61 Williston, VT USA
Chuck MacInnis 67 Merrickville, ON CAN
Cindy Brooks 41 ON CAN
Clare Briegal 57 Warrington GBR
Cleland Early 66 Houston, TX USA
Clive Davis 62 St-Sauveur, QC CAN
Colin Masson 64 Prince Rupert, BC CAN
Colin Byham 44 Ontario, ON CAN
Collin Schisler 23 Ontario CAN
Conn Nugent 73 Washington IRL
Connie Dyksterhuis 53 Waterdown, ON CAN
Craig Nicholls 54 Halley bay GBR
Craig Evans 50 Welland, ON CAN
Craig Freake 49 Newfoundland, NL CAN
Name withheld
Craig Brian Andrew Johnson 41 Calgary, AB CAN
Cynthia Cupido 53 Hamilton, ON CAN
Cédric Ellefsen 51 La Baie , QC CAN
D Beckett 58 Ottawa, ON CAN
DArcy McKittrick 64 Peterborough, ON CAN
Dale Evickson 64 Vancouver, BC CAN
Dan Tebbutt 57 Niagara Falls, ON CAN
Dan Watts 73 Augusta, GA USA
Dan Jeanson 37 Winnipeg, MB CAN
Dan Monahan 65 Loomis, CA USA
Dana Haddad 30 Storrs, CT USA
Daniel Guenette 61 Shefford, QC CAN
Daniel Berthiaume 57 Terrebonne, QC CAN
Daniel Anderson 46 Mississauga CAN
Daniel Cook 32 Wellesley, ON CAN
Daniel Dunbar 65 San Diego, CA USA
Daniel Turner 46 Kitchener, ON CAN
Daniela Isfan 56 CAN
Daniele Kurze 43 Richmond, VA USA
Darren Bessey 55 Listowel, ON CAN
Darren Bessey 55 Listowel, ON CAN
Darryl Ryan 47 nl CAN
Darryl Jenkins 58 Calgary, AB CAN
Daryl Upton 55 CAN
Dave Ratcliffe 71 Hamilton NZL
Dave Shumka 54 Surrey, BC CAN
Dave Ballantyne 69 Red Deer, Alberta CAN
Dave Stewart 70 Wimborne GBR
Dave Dancer 34 Brisbane AUS
Dave Creek 86 Palo Alto, CA USA
Dave Wolf 63 Seattle, WA USA
Dave Stahl 53 Greenfield Center, NY USA
Dave Boyden 63 Mount Horeb, WI USA
Dave Richard 70 Wendell, MA USA
David Bigwood 58 Sudbury, MA USA
David Weiss 40 Syracuse, NY USA
Name withheld
David Hague 64 Vancouver CAN
David Morgan 62 West Challow GBR
David Eaket 74 Canmore, AB CAN
David Chrystal 55 Bolton GBR
David Hain 70 Brockville, ON CAN
David Hinshaw 35 Spokane, WA USA
David Meleshko 53 Edmonton, AB CAN
David Corgiat 73 Cincinnati, OH USA
Dawn Veale 56 British Columbia CAN
Dean Brown 61 Hamilton, ON CAN
Debbie Curran 49 Coalhurst, AB CAN
Debra Berry 55 Courtice, ON CAN
Delbert Jenkins 62 Fredericton CAN
Denis Couture 65 Sarnia, ON CAN
Denise Koch 62 Seattle, WA USA
Dennis Glew 76 Bethlehem, PA USA
Derek Westpfel 58 Sidcup GBR
Devon Blackmore 52 Fort St. James, BC CAN
Diana Morris 69 Victoria CAN
Diana Morris 69 Victoria, BC CAN
Diane Moore 59 Nova Scotia CAN
Diane D'Arcy 60 Halifax, NS CAN
Diane Brne 52 Lansing, IL USA
Dianne Wilkinson 53 Calgary CAN
Dieter Lueloff 77 Mississauga, ON CAN
Dini Frans 75 CAN
Dominic Bilodeau 39 Mont-Saint-Grégoire, QC CAN
Don Moffatt 68 Crofton, BC CAN
Don Sutherland 64 Solihull GBR
Donald Dipsingh 40 Cochrane , AB CAN
Donna Orange 75 Claremont, CA USA
Donovan K 34 Oakbank, MB CAN
Doug Nielsen 52 Ottawa, ON CAN
Doug Vandahl 69 Kanata, ON CAN
Doug Clark 60 London, ON CAN
Doug Barry 75 Menlo Park, CA USA
Doug Cartwright 55 Fredericton, NB CAN
Doug Csima 34 Oakville, ON CAN
Doug MacKenzie 75 North Lancaster CAN
Doug Theobalds 65 Thomaston, ME USA
Doug Smith 69 Dundas, ON CAN
Douglas Carr 61 Waterdown, ON CAN
Douglas Andrews 63 St. John's, NL CAN
Douglas Farquhar 69 RR 1 Inverary, ON CAN
Dwane L. W. Wall 56 Colchester, VT USA
Dwight Bungay 50 mississauga CAN
E Anderson 47 West Des Moines, IA USA
Earl Klassen 59 Langley, BC CAN
Ed Wooller 63 Atlanta, GA USA
Edward Eustace 77 Montreal West CAN
Edward Salley 58 Andover, MA USA
Edward Timm 57 Williamston, MI USA
Eileen O'Hara 61 Overland Park, KS USA
Elie Klachkin 63 Livingston, NJ USA
Elizabeth Rafferty 54 Carp, ON CAN
Elizabeth Payer 41 Laurel, MD USA
Elizabeth Downie 66 Dayton, OH USA
Em Strong 63 Vancouver, BC CAN
Emilia Hristova 41 CYP
Emily Houlachan 34 London CAN
Emma Mew 27 Toronto, ON CAN
Eric Borggard 51 Great Falls, MT USA
Eric Fruhauf 53 Ottawa, ON CAN
Erich Fitterer 59 Mississauga, ON CAN
Erin Cramer 47 Woodburn, OR USA
Etienne Brown 59 Orlando, FL USA
Evan Sawyer 29 Los Angeles, CA USA
Evan Kleber 58 Del Mar, CA USA
Ferny Espinoza 51 Keller, TX USA
Fiona Burness 50 Vancouver, BC CAN
Floyd Wun 58 Ottawa, ON CAN
Francis Zera 54 Seattle, WA USA
Francisco Espinoza 34 Toronto, ON CAN
Francisco Torres 62 La Linea (Cadiz) ESP
Frank Lepere 65 Currys Corner, NS CAN
Frank Milner 70 Sydney, NSW AUS
Frans Boom 59 Åmål Zweden NED
Fraser Goffin 59 Norwich GBR
Fred Bush 83 Hemel Hempstead GBR
Fred Peckitt 61 Windsor, ON CAN
Gabi Dragan 52 Winnipeg, MB CAN
Gabi Mew 61 Toronto CAN
Gabrielle Truman 20 North Saanich, BC CAN
Gail Fraser 64 Salt Spring Island, BC CAN
Garth Greenan 65 Traverse City, MI USA
Gary Marks 66 Oak Ridge, TN USA
Gary Vrckovnik 54 Ottawa, ON CAN
Gary Stine 77 Uniontown, OH USA
Gavin Fortugno 42 Ottawa, ON CAN
Genevieve Bentz 29 Stonington, CT USA
Geoff Calderone 52 Elkridge, MD USA
George Haydon 46 Northampton GBR
George Elliott 71 Invermere, BC CAN
George Hahn 73 Jacksonville, FL USA
Gerrit Van Tonder 49 Thompson, MB CAN
Gillian Jenkinson 65 Brockville, ON CAN
Ginette Bertrand 74 Vancouver CAN
Gitte Wilson 62 Victoria, BC CAN
Grace Robertson 73 Mississauga, ON CAN
Graham Reed 49 Toronto, ON CAN
Grant Dykstra 52 Edmonton, AB CAN
Greg Hawthorne 70 Kettering, TAS AUS
Greg Karpenko 60 Caledon East, ON CAN
Greg Robertson 53 Ottawa, ON CAN
Greg Horner 60 Conception Bay South, NL CAN
Greg Peace 51 Verdun, QC CAN
Gretchen Witzgall 49 Apex, NC USA
Gunther Krausbar 57 Ottawa, ON CAN
Hadley Markus 44 Yokine, WA AUS
Haluk Dingiloglu 60 Ankara TUR
Hannah Shapiro 22 Ottawa, ON CAN
Harry Nielsen 53 Aberdeen GBR
Hazel Newton 68 Toronto, ON CAN
Hazel Risling 64 RED DEER, AB CAN
Heather Trenholm 65 Vancouver, BC CAN
Heather Pringle 52 Summerside, PE CAN
Heather Pringle 52 O'Leary CAN
Heidi Hales 48 Bolton Valley, VT USA
Helge Fylling 65 Ladysmith, BC CAN
Henry Seniura 69 Mississauga, ON CAN
Henry Dressler 55 Ottawa CAN
Horst Schwanke 65 Starnberg GER
Hugh McLellan 73 Queenstown NZL
Hunter Blair 80 Shelburne, Nova Scotia CAN
Huw Williams 68 Trowbridge GBR
Hélio Dias 47 Szentendre HUN
Ian Mellor 70 West Vancouver CAN
Ian Thomas 62 Hopkinton, MA USA
Ian Strange 56 Serramazzoni, ITALY ITA
Ian Sheppard 50 Curl Curl, NSW AUS
Ian Aukema 40 Toronto, ON CAN
Ian Mellor 70 West Vancouver, BC CAN
Ian Castleton 61 Diss GBR
Ian Pringle 53 Hartlepool GBR
Name withheld
Ignacio Silva-Lepe 57 Putnam Valley, NY USA
Igor Santos 29 Halifax, NS CAN
Irene Tosetti 40 Torino ITA
Isaac Lotz 55 Thornhill CAN
Iulian Bordianu 50 Ottawa, ON CAN
Iulian Chiriac 43 Toronto, ON CAN
Ivo Krivka 58 Pardubice CZE
J M 34 CAN
J Stover 53 CAN
Jaap Parqui 50 Den Haag NED
Jack Bennett 75 Edmonton, AB CAN
Jack Mercer 52 Lawrence, KS USA
Jackie Miller 51 Carroll, OH USA
Jacklin Hoole 49 Victoria, BC CAN
Jacques Pescatore 52 Ottawa, ON CAN
Jake Lamb 29 Oklahoma City, OK USA
James Zeller 56 Ashburn, VA USA
James McDonald 67 Mississauga CAN
James Mumford (LTA) 66 Toronto, ON CAN
James Janzen 63 Calgary, AB CAN
James Rudack 69 Indian Head, SK CAN
James Hughes 30 Fonthill, ON CAN
James Patterson 60 London, ON CAN
Jamie Maillet 43 Saint John, NB CAN
Jamie Radcliffe 51 S. Surrey, BC CAN
Jamie Christner 50 Pittsburgh, PA USA
Name withheld
Jan Betz 73 Portland, OR USA
Jan King, Jr. 74 Yorklyn, DE USA
Jan Hilco Frijlink 83 Lunteren NED
Jana Hamrick 59 Bloomsburg, PA USA
Jane Guest 70 Senneville, QC CAN
Jane Leacock Graydon 67 London, ON CAN
Janet Stein 68 Lake Placid, NY USA
Janice Peace 67 Tsawwassen, BC CAN
Jari Huuskonen 53 Helsinki FIN
Jason Pearson 47 Toronto, ON CAN
Jean-Francois Arseneault 37 CAN
Jean-Sébastien Thériault 52 Gatineau, QC CAN
Jeff Valin 53 CAN
Jeff Ranta 45 CAN
Jeff Gould 64 Nashville, TN USA
Jenna Peters 36 St. Thomas, ON CAN
Jennifer Lhost 33 Madison, WI USA
Jennifer Guest 52 Baie D'Urfe, QC CAN
Jennifer Barkans 33 Ancaster CAN
Jenny Sprung 60 Amherst, MA USA
Jenny Alker 71 Kincardine, ON CAN
Jerolynn Cochrane 61 Ontario CAN
Jessica Pelon 50 Holliston, MA USA
Jessica Schane 36 Philadelphia, PA USA
Jill Colizoli 63 Bellevue, OH USA
Jill Vandal 63 Toronto, ON CAN
Jim Burns 59 Poughkeepsie, NY USA
Jim Rice 62 CO USA
Jim Ridge 58 Cleveland, OH USA
Jim McMann 62 Marlton, NJ USA
Jim Snow 64 Whitby, ON CAN
Jim Kelly 74 Mountain View, CA USA
Jim Steel 59 Toronto CAN
Jimmie Sue Deppe 49 Burlington, VT USA
Joachim Hinne 65 Tokyo JPN
Joanna Blair 58 The Hawk, Cape Sable I., NS CAN
Joanne Dénommé 45 Ottawa, ON CAN
Joanne Bell 57 Shanghai CHN
Jocelyne Fouineteau 69 Toronto, ON CAN
Joe McGuire 66 Stockton, CA USA
Joe Niegsch 70 Clifton Park, NY USA
Joe McMaster 44 Braeside, ON CAN
Joel Curran 52 Lethbridge, AB CAN
Joel Sauer 74 Riverside, CA USA
Joey Colagrossi 30 Greenwich, CT USA
Johan Rondelez 50 Strathroy, ON CAN
Name withheld
John Garrett 77 Victoria, BC CAN
John Berryman 60 Whitehorse, YT CAN
John Lord 60 Twickenham GBR
John Pauls 64 St. Catharines, ON CAN
John Dyer 56 GBR
John Davies 41 KABUL GBR
John McLaughlin 54 Portland, OR USA
John Thomsson 49 Gotland SWE
John Courtois 67 Mississauga, ON CAN
John Guest 53 Baie D'Urfe, QC CAN
John Lewis 72 Sittingbourne GBR
John Womersley 63 Georgeham, Devon GBR
John Michels 51 Arnold, MD USA
John Kearney 53 West Hempstead, NY USA
John Waring 56 Toronto, ON CAN
John Garbutt 66 Stowmarket GBR
John Helliwell 82 Vancouver, BC CAN
John Hajdukiewicz 49 Cambridge, MA USA
John Barron 54 Kamloops, BC CAN
John McKay 56 Kingston CAN
Jon Walgate 44 Waterloo, ON CAN
Jonas Ljungh 52 Göteborg SWE
Jonathan Tucci 49 West Long Branch, NJ USA
Jonathan Hodge 64 Brockville, ON CAN
Jonathan Beddoes 63 Winnipeg, MB CAN
Jordan Kalinowski 35 St. Catharines CAN
Jorge Odam 69 North Canton, OH USA
Josee St-Germain 59 Shefford, QC CAN
Joseph Boulos 78 Deux-Montagnes CAN
Name withheld
Joshua Schroeder 36 Lethbridge, AB CAN
Joshua Cherry - Thesselon, ON CAN
Juan Revilla 58 Madrid ESP
Judy Gillis 72 Toronto, ON CAN
Julie Baumlisberger 58 Grand Valley, ON CAN
Justin Fryer 79 Duncan, BC CAN
Jörgen Näslund 55 Göteborg SWE
Name withheld
Karen Zolnay 58 Stockton, NJ USA
Karen Metrakos 64 Ontario, ON CAN
Kari Myllyla 56 Lahti FIN
Karl Saunders 48 Halifax, NS CAN
Kata Mayer 39 Calgary, AB CAN
Katherine Morris 52 Granby, CO USA
Kathleen Miller 67 Juneau, AK USA
Kathryn Imboden 71 Bern SUI
Kathy Auld 53 Montreal, QC CAN
Katy Williams 36 Twisp, WA USA
Kavin Leroux 39 Montreal, QC CAN
Kayleigh Witte 32 BC CAN
Kees Langejan 72 Alphen a/d Rijn NED
Kemal Goksel 72 Atlantic Highlands, NJ USA
Ken Costello 59 Toronto, Ontario CAN
Ken Bernard 67 Orleans CAN
Ken Benoit 72 Angus, ON CAN
Ken Essex 31 Ottawa, Ontario CAN
Kent Pearce 36 Winnipeg, MB CAN
Kerry Williams 46 Ottawa, ON CAN
Ketil Kvig 52 MOLDE NOR
Kevin Gagnon 45 Sherwood Park CAN
Kevin Tracy 59 Sequim, WA USA
Kevin Pease 56 Riverview, FL USA
Kilian Fritsch 70 Philadelphia, PA USA
Kim Scully 46 Perth AUS
Kira Hutchinson 20 Victoria CAN
Kirsten Cannatella 54 Campbell River, BC CAN
Kjetil Berakvam 51 Hommersak NOR
Klara Molnar 74 Calgary, AB CAN
Krissy Kendall 35 Norman, OK USA
Kristen Shamis 48 Burlington, VT USA
Kristopher Williams 53 Oshkosh, WI USA
Kurt Kurasaki 50 San Juan Bautista, CA USA
Kurt Sigouin 62 Malahat, BC CAN
Kyle Weygandt 55 Houston, TX USA
Kyle Thompson 37 Ontario CAN
Kåre Ringheim 48 DAL NOR
Lana L 47 ON CAN
Lance Campeau 45 Montreal, QC CAN
Larry Newsome 68 Temple Hills, MD USA
Lars Larsson 67 Taby SWE
Lars Brueckner 41 Bergheim GER
Laura Scarpinato 56 Milton, VT USA
Laura Johnston 48 Ottawa, ON CAN
Lauren Skelly 28 Whitby ON CAN
Lawrence Fefergrad 80 Dollard des Ormeaux, QC CAN
Layton James 69 Stevenage GBR
Lee Atkins 50 Reading GBR
Leigh Mott 60 Calgary, Alberta CAN
Len Sobo 67 Vancouver, BC CAN
Leo Viëtor 62 Maastricht NED
Lesley Griffiths 70 Halifax, NS CAN
Liang Ren 36 Oakville, ON CAN
Lieke Droog 40 Eindhoven NED
Lily Yip 58 Ottawa, ON CAN
Lily Evickson 58 Vancouver CAN
Linda Ritchie 53 Montreal, QC CAN
Lindsay Cove 34 St. Catharines, Ontario CAN
Linna Connaris 75 Delta CAN
Liz Locke 59 Winnipeg, MB CAN
Loes Stokman 68 Lunteren NED
Lois Elsby 37 Guelph, Ontario CAN
Lorna Berndsen 43 Vancouver, BC CAN
Lorraine Proctor 46 Toronto, ON CAN
Louise Robertson 60 Auckland NZL
Louise Shepherd 46 London GBR
Luke Simkins 37 Sydney AUS
Lyle Green 60 Mazerolle-Settlement, NB CAN
Lynne Sutherland 59 Dorridge GBR
Mack Beal 35 Bath, Ontario CAN
Maggie Jones 65 Pembroke, ON CAN
Name withheld
Marc Boivin 46 Saguenay CAN
Marc Crompton 52 Coquitlam, BC CAN
Marc Martineau 58 Sherbrooke, QC CAN
Marc Bergman 68 Boulder, CO USA
Marc-Andre Gauthier 43 Repentigny, QC CAN
Marcel Leica 39 CAN
Marcus Wolbrandt 55 Berlin-Schöneberg GER
Marcus Hull 53 Wellington NZL
Margaret Hunter 52 Huntington, NY USA
Maria Foley 63 Upland, CA USA
Marian Lazar 75 Brookline, MA USA
Marie M 67 Aylmer, QC CAN
Marie Thomas 47 CA USA
Marilyn Pinaud 72 Holden, MA USA
Marilyn Dimond 71 Madison, WI USA
Marilyn Dimond 71 Madison, WI USA
Marilyn Cox 57 Sackville, NB CAN
Mario Levesque 54 Sackville, NB CAN
Mark Malin 54 St-BRUNO, QC CAN
Mark Chambers 56 Victoria, BC CAN
Mark Meyer 63 Aurora, OH USA
Mark Penfound 71 Dartmouth, NS CAN
Mark Dascher 51 Golden, BC CAN
Mark Wideman 68 Kingston, ON CAN
Mark Keating 51 Russell, MB CAN
Mark Bois 62 Louisville, KY USA
Mark Read 63 Kelowna, BC CAN
Markus D 35 Abbotsford, BC CAN
Markus Büchter 55 Hofheim am Taunus GER
Markus Spangler 51 Lappersdorf GER
Markus Wirz 65 Kitchener, ON CAN
Martha Martel 60 Delmont, PA USA
Martha Mullins 71 Apex, NC USA
Name withheld
Martin Dion 44 Lausanne, Switzerland / Montreal (QC) SUI
Martin Lennon 54 Stafford GBR
Martin Sonnenberg 65 Falls Church, VA USA
Martin Orpen 56 LottoOlympiaTeamInterbike GBR
Martin Lederman 81 Purchase, NY USA
Mary Crowley 32 Fairfield, CT USA
Mary Natwick 61 Ojai, CA USA
Mary Yu 44 Shanghai CHN
Maryka Rypma 50 Kitimat, BC CAN
Mathew Burpee 32 Ottawa, ON CAN
Matt O 36 CAN
Matthew Porto 39 Wilmington, DE USA
Matthew Shepherd 46 Sherbrooke, QC CAN
Matthew Norris 35 Iowa City, IA USA
Matthew Rochte 50 Milwaukee, WI USA
Matthias Uhlenbruck 60 North Vancouver, BC CAN
Maureen Lewis 59 Murrieta, CA USA
Maureen Simpkins 63 Victoria CAN
Maureen McLaughlin 73 St. Catharines, ON CAN
Maurice Prokaziuk 68 Oakville, ON CAN
Max Schumitsch 35 Madison, WI USA
Maxime Portugais 38 QC CAN
Mayur Desai 50 Milton, ON CAN
Melanie Ann MacKenzie 62 Newmarket, ON CAN
Meli Colucci 59 Brampton, ON CAN
Melinda G 32 AB CAN
Merlin Gietz 38 Bienfait, SK CAN
Michael Watson 52 Calgary, AB CAN
Michael Filteau 38 Kuujjuaq CAN
Michael Stanley 59 Winnipeg, MB CAN
Michael Strzelecki 56 Catonsville, MD USA
Michael Golembleski 44 Fort Saskatchewan, AB CAN
Michael Davidson 63 Otterburn Park , QC CAN
Michael Power 39 Calgary, AB CAN
Michael Porcelli 53 Holmdel, NJ USA
Michael Stolte 52 Barrie, ON CAN
Michael Freeman 37 Edmonton, AB CAN
Michael Jollon 50 Washington, DC USA
Michael Andresen 55 Regina, SK CAN
Michael Siska 55 Thunder Bay, ON CAN
Michael Quesada 38 New Rochelle, NY USA
Michael Howard Jackson 70 BC CAN
Michel Gelinas 58 Calgary, AB CAN
Michelle Good 34 CAN
Michelle MacLaurin 30 St. Catharines, ON CAN
Mick Brewster 58 Thornton Clevelelys GBR
Mike Cunningham 75 Sarnia, ON CAN
Mike Sakata 39 Toronto, Ontario CAN
Mike McInerney 77 R.R. #3 Kirkfield,, ON CAN
Mike Lloyd 70 Victoria, BC CAN
Mike Howard 49 Mililani, HI USA
Mike Gordon 54 Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON CAN
Mike Lewis 73 Maungaraki NZL
Mike Kozlow 28 Hicksville, NY USA
Mike Lamothe 46 Metcalfe, ON CAN
Mike Doyle 69 Brentwood Bay, BC CAN
Mike Wardell 66 Victoria, BC CAN
Mike Iskiw 37 Toronto, ON CAN
Mila Otasek 67 Thornhill, ON CAN
Millie Mattox 58 College Station, TX USA
Miloslav Bozdech 55 Red Deer, AB CAN
Mitch Phillips 31 Tampa, FL USA
Mitch Scott 62 Barrie CAN
Molly Spratt 25 London, ON CAN
Nadia Fournier 50 Windsor, QC CAN
Nanci-Jane Simpson 57 Hamilton, ON CAN
Nancy McMahon 63 Ottawa, ON CAN
Nancy Stevens 58 Fair Oaks, CA USA
Natalia Masterova 45 Montreal, QC CAN
Nathan Good 34 CAN
Neal Teeman 68 Port Washington, NY USA
Neil Wyper 41 Kelowna, BC CAN
Neil Mager 59 Westford, MA USA
Nelson Marass 58 Portland, ME USA
Nelson Kroeker 37 Calgary, AB CAN
Nicholas Cashoili 33 Portland, OR USA
Nick Hillman 53 Sheffield GBR
Nick Newton - Montreal, QC CAN
Nick Bilbija 52 SYDNEY, NSW AUS
Nik Swain 47 Vancouver, BC CAN
Olivia Guerrero Motz 48 Pineda de Mar (Barcelona) ESP
Olivia Walch 30 Fairfax Station, VA USA
Olivier Gaumond 38 Québec, QC CAN
Ona Wood 71 Shrub Oak, NY USA
Oswaldo Anzola 43 Calgary, Alberta, AB CAN
Otto Perl 29 Ontario CAN
Name withheld
Page Burton 42 Kitchener, ON CAN
Pam McQuinn 63 Halifax, NS CAN
Pamela Selden 75 Bethesda, MD USA
Pamela Lucken 46 Beverly Hills, MI USA
Pat Tremblay 47 Dorval, QC CAN
Patricia Dykstra 51 USA
Patrick Landstra 53 Leusden NED
Patrick Kington 36 San Diego USA
Patrick Guest 74 Senneville, QC CAN
Paul Donovan 71 East Amherst, NY USA
Paul Hodgson 58 Cambridge, ON CAN
Paul Flanders 62 Toronto, ON CAN
Paul Young 53 Etobicoke, ON CAN
Paul Craigen 65 Mississauga, ON CAN
Paul Brandon 54 Molesey GBR
Paul Evans 53 Tottenham, ON CAN
Paul Weijenberg 65 Kerkrade NED
Paul Williamson 36 Canterbury GBR
Paul Miniato 68 Powell River, BC CAN
Paul Stevens 62 Quispamsis CAN
Paul O'Leary 65 Paradise, NL CAN
Paul Freeman 65 Rothbury GBR
Paul Karch 63 Madison, WI USA
Paul Lukas 71 Stroud GBR
Paul Abbott 59 Leeds GBR
Paula Tomilson 67 Fredericton, NB CAN
Pedro Simões 49 Lisbon POR
Perry Kent 62 Surrey, BC CAN
Pete Alker 73 Kincardine, ON CAN
Pete Martas 37 Bronx, NY USA
Peter Tieleman 47 Calgary, AB CAN
Peter Klinkow 71 Vancouver USA
Peter Morgan 56 Mississauga, ON CAN
Peter Roberts 74 BANGOR GBR
Peter Emerson 63 Hoddesdon GBR
Peter Trent 90 Mount Royal, QC CAN
Peter Koschanow 60 Burlington, ON CAN
Peter Owens 29 Downingtown, PA USA
Peter Cockcroft 69 Singapore SIN
Peter McIntyre 69 Wasaga Beach, ON CAN
Phil Baker 56 Brisbane AUS
Phil Armstrong 45 Sherwood Park, AB CAN
Phil Ashley 72 ******** USA
Philip Stoop 45 Toronto, ON CAN
Philip Shaw 44 London GBR
Philip Pierce 48 Victoria, BC CAN
Philippe Bisson 58 Embrun, ON CAN
Pierre Rainville 63 Ameliasburg, ON CAN
Pina Baldassarro 58 CAN
Preston Sights 62 Columbia, MO USA
Quintin Zook 48 Saskatoon, SK CAN
Rafael Davalos 57 Monterrey, NL MEX
Rainer Nolvak 53 Tallinn EST
Ralph Botzet 69 Jamestown, ND USA
Name withheld
Name withheld
Ray Plummer 48 Oldwick, NJ USA
Rebecca Piskorowski 43 New York, NY USA
Rebecca Smith 26 London CAN
Reid Smith 52 Plaistow, NH USA
Rhae Swisher 71 Berryton, KS USA
Rich Green 57 Centreville, VA USA
Richard Strudwick 53 Wimborne GBR
Richard Simon 73 Midlothian, VA USA
Richard Rozestraten 60 Yellowknife, NT CAN
Richard Hanson 48 Kelowna, BC CAN
Richard Gauthier 58 La Baie, Saguenay, QC CAN
Richard DeMarco 77 Danbury, CT USA
Richard Fournier 70 Saint-Côme, QC CAN
Richard Williams 52 Parkdale, VIC AUS
Rick Rathy 68 Lantzville, BC CAN
Rick Graham 60 Carefree, AZ USA
Rick Walsh 57 Duluth, MN USA
Rob Visser 56 Fonthill, ON CAN
Rob Brotherston 51 Brandon, MB CAN
Rob Currie 61 Regina, SK CAN
Rob Crawford 70 Toronto, ON CAN
Robert Mason 69 Tyldesley GBR
Robert Geub 59 Kingston CAN
Robert Clegg 64 Bromley GBR
Robert Mew 59 Toronto, ON CAN
Robert Giggey 43 Ottawa CAN
Robert Kinniburgh 76 Lethbridge CAN
Robert Rutberg 54 BODEN SWE
Robert Gouge 37 Toronto, ON CAN
Robert Kronitis 50 Gawler, SA AUS
Robert LeBrun 44 Ottawa, ON CAN
Roberta Gal 54 Ottawa, ON CAN
Name withheld
Robyn Barbour 52 Sacramento , CA USA
Rocky Fails 63 Farmington, NM USA
Rodney Harris 73 Cooroy, QLD AUS
Roger Hallett 60 Burlington, ON CAN
Rolando Cruz 68 San Benito, TX USA
Ron Babcock 47 Trail, BC CAN
Ron Cairns 67 Calgary, AB CAN
Rorie Devine 52 Beaconsfield GBR
Rory Christian 61 CEDAR CITY, UT USA
Rosie Collins 37 London GBR
Ross Fairley 31 PortDover,Ontario CAN
Ross Haynes 73 Halifax, NS CAN
Ross Lizee 54 Laval, QC CAN
Ross Bowler 57 Brisbane AUS
Roy Brook 68 London GBR
Russell Young 43 Philadelphia, PA USA
Russell Giacobbe 32 Worcester, MA USA
Ryan Benoit 40 Angus, ON CAN
Sacha Rioux 43 Montreal, QC CAN
Sam Johnson 52 Lenexa, KS USA
Sam Culin 68 Calgary, AB CAN
Sandra Yaskow 61 Williamson, NY USA
Sara Newton 49 Coventry GBR
Sarah Gelman 33 Cambridge, MA USA
Sarah Shapiro 24 Victoria , BC CAN
Sarah Hamadi 31 Toronto, ON CAN
Sbr Tri 55 Oromocto CAN
Scott MacGillivray 60 Desbarats, ON CAN
Scott Laffer 38 Newfield, NY USA
Scott Neal 62 Eden Mills CAN
Sean Liddle 52 Kingston, ON CAN
Sean Culhane 53 Richmond Hill, ON CAN
Sean Fanning 48 Eastern Passage, NS CAN
Sean Giesbrecht 39 Winnipeg, MA CAN
Sebastian Watt 32 The Plains, VA USA
Sebastian Luchessa 52 San Isidro ARG
Shalane Carlson 31 Charlottesville, VA USA
Shane Williamson 53 Sydney AUS
Shari McKinny 48 Edmonton CAN
Shaun Davis 56 Calgary CAN
Shawn Hoyer 42 Leesburg, VA USA
Name withheld
Shelley Nicholson 46 Calgary, AB CAN
Sheng Lin 34 Thornhill, ON CAN
Sherry Kibbler 65 Breslau, ON CAN
Shirley Farrow 71 Diss GBR
Shirley Barlow 67 Saskatoon, SK CAN
Siri Tuttle 67 Fairbanks, AK USA
Soozie Large 69 Portland, ME USA
Soumo Mukherjee 45 Brampton, ON CAN
Sridhar Parthasarathy 40 Frisco, TX USA
Stanley Dubinsky 67 Columbia, SC USA
Stephen Bugler 51 Richmond Hill, ON CAN
Stephen Hopley 72 Samish Island, WA USA
Stephen Anderson 53 Flagstaff, AZ USA
Stephen Knoef 53 HKG
Stephen Horne 58 Salisbury GBR
Stephen Zolnay 57 Stockton, NJ USA
Steve Whitfield 38 North Vancouver, BC CAN
Steve Goodman 70 Houston, TX USA
Steve Ashfield 57 Ottawa, ON CAN
Steve Shinder 54 Ile Bizard, QC CAN
Steve Hyne 67 Poole GBR
Steve Kelly 60 Columbus, OH USA
Steve Chipman 69 Halifax, NS CAN
Steve Myhro 64 Rochester, MN USA
Steve Batzold 57 London, Ontario, ON CAN
Steve Raymondo 62 chatham CAN
Steve Raby 56 Sheffield GBR
Steve H 50 CKL, ON CAN
Steve Riedel 54 Dalby, QLD AUS
Steve Symonds 61 Belgrade, ME USA
Steven DeRoma 57 Albuquerque, NM USA
Steven Wood 48 Georgetown, ON CAN
Steven DeRoma 57 Albuquerque, NM USA
Steven Clark 47 Ottawa, ON CAN
Stian Thorvaldsen 44 Bergen NOR
Strephon Treadway 52 Chelsea, MA USA
Stuart Day 56 Oshawa, ON CAN
Stuart Taylor 30 Brockville, ON CAN
Stylus Happenstance 43 Winston-Salem, NC USA
Sue Wilson 59 Christchurch NZL
Sue Bertram 52 Ottawa, ON CAN
Susan Crossley - Rothesay, NB CAN
Susan Godfrey 58 Fall River, NS CAN
Susan Stocking 67 Seattle, WA USA
Susan Chadd 76 Northfield, IL USA
Susan Diaz 60 Auburn, ME USA
Suzanne Jaskiewicz 58 Bloomsburg, PA USA
Suzette Smith 53 Bloomfield, NJ USA
Tait Luste 50 Mississauga CAN
Tamara Gilhuly 53 ON CAN
Tanis Franchuk 32 Victoria CAN
Tannis McElroy 52 Spruce Grove, AB CAN
Tavis Wolfram 29 Middletown, CT USA
Ted Hlynsky 62 Winnipeg, MB CAN
Ted Niblett 53 Minneapolis, MN USA
Teresa McQuay 60 Hayle GBR
Terra Levin 68 Chicago, IL USA
Terry Brown 73 Saskatchewan CAN
Theodore Perkins 47 Cote Saint Luc, QC CAN
Theresa Ruttle 57 Orangeville CAN
Theresa Fougere 63 Kelowna CAN
Thomas Flint 66 IL USA
Thomas Vermont 90 Vineland, ON CAN
Thomas Sandager 57 solrød DEN
Thomas Ward 65 Dumfries, VA USA
Thomas Clayton 58 St. Catharines, ON CAN
Thomas Sanko 65 Redmond, WA USA
Thomas Gilmore 67 Boston, MA USA
Thomas Huebner 71 Niceville, FL USA
Thomas Straube 56 Brampton, ON CAN
Tim Pelton 57 Victoria, BC CAN
Todd Strong 66 Vancouver, BC CAN
Todd Herzog 65 Thornhill, ON CAN
Todd Schmeltz 57 Oak Harbor, WA USA
Todd Toutant 54 Winnipeg, MB CAN
Todd McAllister 47 Pickering, ON CAN
Tom Fetter 57 Fredericton CAN
Tom Gay 68 Manchester, NH USA
Tom Frisby 52 Vernon, BC CAN
Tom Carpenter 60 Kingston, ON CAN
Tom Pelnik 56 Richmond, VA USA
Tom McLean 60 Toronto CAN
Tom Gay 68 Milford, NH USA
Tom Eisenhauer 58 Toronto, ON CAN
Tommy Bergeron 20 La Baie,Saguenay, QC CAN
Tony Fuentes 67 Austin, TX USA
Tony Newton 62 Davison, MI USA
Tor Berg Oshaug 58 Molde NOR
Tracy Norman 33 State College, PA USA
Name withheld
Travis Crawley 44 Quakers Hill, NSW AUS
Trenholm Walker 67 Charleston, SC USA
Trevor Whenham 44 Calgary, AB CAN
Trevor Stephens 38 Edmonton, AB CAN
Troy Tinnes 57 Surrey, BC CAN
Truusje Langejan-Brouwer 67 Alphen aan den Rijn NED
Tyler Sullivan 27 West Seneca, NY USA
Tyler Sanderson 30 Ann Arbor, MI USA
Tyler Swearingen 30 Harvard, MA USA
Tyler Enright 29 Montreal, Quebec CAN
Tyson Gersh 30 Ann Arbor, MI USA
Valerie Shepherd 58 Ancaster, ON CAN
Valérie Sauvé 42 Montréal, QC CAN
Vance MacLaren 49 Brandon, MB CAN
Victor Esteban Gran 60 Bruxelles BEL
Victor Scaletchi 56 Toronto, ON CAN
Vineet Honkan 40 Brampton CAN
Virginia Santos 55 Innisfil, ON CAN
Viveka Bondestam 51 Saltsjö-boo SWE
Wallace Salter 68 Bishop, GA USA
Walter Strapps 73 Prospect Bay, NS CAN
Waring Partridge 75 New Haven, CT USA
Warren Quirk 33 CAN
Wayne Boyle 58 Halifax, NS CAN
Wayne Peace 73 Tsawwassen, BC CAN
Wayne Dennison 57 Duxbury, MA USA
Wayne Tomilson 72 Fredericton, NB CAN
Wendy Brinson 66 Westfield, IN USA
Wiktoria Z 15 ON CAN
Wilda Goyetche 53 Sheffield GBR
Will Whittle 29 Brisbane AUS
Will Hecht 34 Lawrence, KS USA
Y T Khor 55 Kuala Lumpur MAS
Zsolt Torocsik 45 Beaumont, AB CAN
Zunjia Ke 50 Richmond Hill, ON CAN
Zvonimir Miletic 45 Dhahran KSA
bob levy 77 philadelphia, PA USA
bruce tetrault 49 abbotsford,bc CAN
charles boivin 47 jonquiere CAN
cynthia eccles 46 toronto CAN
david nielsen 40 naugatuck, CT USA
dino miele 61 st catharines, ON CAN
dominic salles 55 swindon GBR
donnee wright 70 victoria, BC CAN
ed dickin 67 red deer, AB CAN
frank kubicek 74 victoria, BC CAN
gilbert dufour 56 isle aux coudres, QC CAN
jean gagnon 54 CAN
jeff m 40 AB CAN
Name withheld
ken cook 64 high springs, FL USA
kim salovaara 50 Lidingö SWE
martin boucher 38 Jonquière, QC CAN
michael sweet 28 launceston, TAS AUS
mike mumford 64 SLC, UT USA
mike check 50 snowmass village, CO USA
nan welter 69 kirkland, WA USA
nick hopkins 34 victoria, BC CAN
paul cadieux 42 CA USA
peter redfern 75 LaSalle, ON CAN
richard christopher 39 Kidderminster GBR
rick simon 73 midlothian, VA USA
rick bingham 59 oklahoma city, OK USA
robert thomson 35 ottawa CAN
robyn andrews 58 USA
ron cairns 72 Perth, ON CAN
ryan boni 31 white rock CAN
simongabriel gervais 33 quebec, QC CAN
stuart dapson 55 melksham GBR
susan chadd 76 northfield, IL USA