Red Line Rowers

We are a team founded in 2015 to provide a supportive and informal environment for rowers of all ages and abilities. We are not aiming to be the biggest or most high profile club. Rather, for each of us to be the best we can, and to support others in their efforts to be the same. We remember that everyone's effort, whether slow or fast, is important. We are always on the look out for keen new members, particularly Heavyweights. What we hope to see from our members is that they represent the club in the monthly CTC and other challenges, and that they support each other on our Facebook club page. Beyond that we are pretty relaxed about things.

Virtual Team Challenge Participants

Pos. Athlete Age Location Country Challenge
1 Keith Darby 48 Ashingdon GBR 501,332m
22 chris anderton 63 Stockport GBR 387,478m
7 GILES CLARKE 59 Wem GBR 369,780m
20 Jack Regan 67 Larne IRL 369,640m
30 Stephen Chapman 54 CAN 369,500m
16 meurice robinson 47 GBR 244,748m
13 Andrew Simmonds 55 Southend GBR 230,902m
2 George Bingham 63 Keighley, W. Yorks GBR 208,795m
23 Jan Hruska 51 Leigh on Sea GBR 201,756m
11 David Gigg 58 Norwich GBR 157,116m
10 Stefan Kammer 53 St-Hubert, QC CAN 151,827m
5 Rowland Hills 45 York GBR 139,915m
33 jeff barker 56 Swindon GBR 133,135m
6 Steve Berridge 55 West Moors GBR 130,285m
15 Paul Sands 67 Buntingford GBR 126,812m
31 Chris Watson 38 Sheffield GBR 113,179m
8 Peter Gleaves 60 Preston, Lancashire GBR 111,511m
14 Tim Young 49 GBR 110,291m
3 Tracy Watkins 49 Norfolk UK GBR 97,000m
32 Amanda Barker 56 Swindon GBR 92,992m
12 Roger Fornebo 53 Oslo NOR 69,138m
28 Zydrune Batvinyte 37 LTU 64,316m
17 Marie Page 51 North Lincolnshire GBR 60,916m
21 Graham Hutchings 58 Horley, Surrey GBR 55,117m
18 Rina Dunn 48 GBR 52,018m
4 Sam White 39 Norwich GBR 45,136m
25 Sarah Garrett 59 Swindon GBR 45,023m
9 Richard Campos 71 Sheffield GBR 43,001m
19 David Sands 40 GBR 38,901m
24 Colin Beacon 67 Hertford GBR 30,792m
27 Clare Lindsay 55 GBR 24,857m
26 manda cunningham 55 GBR 21,187m
29 Denise Pearson 66 Manchester GBR 7,946m