Concept2 Utility Version 7 Released

August 19, 2016

Version 7 of the Concept2 Utility has now been released. As well as a new user-friendly design, there are several new features.

Firstly, the new version now joins ErgData for iOS and Android in sending across full split or interval data for each workout, as well as extra information like stroke count, and heart rate. This means rather than sending across a single amount for distance and time for interval workouts, it now looks something like this:

As both the Utility and ErgData are sending over separate values for work and rest intervals, the single line log view on your home page now shows just work time and distance, so that it matches closer with what is shown on the Utility and also with what is shown for the pace value on the lo. So where previously a 6 x 2 minute workout with 1 minute rest would be shown as 17 minutes and the distance would include rest distance, now it shows as 12 minutes. Don't worry, however, as your rest distance and time are still sent across and still count towards your lifetime meters and for challenges.

The new Utility will also allow you to upload pieces that you may not have been able to upload before. Previously, you could only upload pieces from the current season, which meant some workouts on your LogCard or USB stick may not have been available to upload. It will now be possible to upload these, so you may want to check whether you manually entered these missing pieces in the past. The Utility also now supports the new calorie workouts that are in the latest version of PM5 firmware.

If you have any feedback on the Concept2 Utility, then please use the feedback link inside the programme.