Uploading Interval Data to the Logbook

February 8, 2016

One of our big aims behind the recent relaunch of the Logbook was to be able to handle and present more data for users who wanted it. Not only did the old Logbook precede ErgData, it also preceded both the PM3 and the Concept2 Utility, and so was never designed to work with interval data. This meant that although the monitor could store detailed information for a workout, the Logbook wasn't able to do anything with it, so when interval workouts were uploaded they were sent across as a single piece that included rest distance and time.

The recently released update for ErgData for iOS now sends across full split and interval data, as well as other information such as drag factor, stroke count, and heart rate if you're using a compatible heart rate monitor or watch. If you've ever seen the stroke graphs we produce for competitors at the World Indoor Rowing Championship, you can now see one for all of your workouts (although we can't guarantee they'll be as fast as this one).

Another change in the new update is that there is no longer any limitation on when you can upload a piece. Previously, you could only upload pieces in the current Logbook season, so if you rowed a piece on April 30 and tried to upload it on May 2, it would not be sent across. This limitation has now been removed, so if you manually entered any pieces that were affected by this, you may wish to check for duplicates.

At the moment, all this information is only available on ErgData for iOS. ErgData for Android is currently in beta development and hopefully will go live soon. The next release of the Concept2 Utility will also be able to upload split and interval data to the Logbook; this is currently available to download as a beta version from the Concept2 website.

If you have any feedback on the new version of ErgData, or if you have any suggestions for future features, then please drop us a line.