Integrating With Other Fitness Platforms

May 7, 2017

As well as using the Logbook for your rowing and/or skiing, we know that lots of you use other online fitness platforms, such as Strava, to record things like cycling and running. For those of you who do, a common problem has been finding an easy way to get everything in one place, so that you can see your Concept2 workouts alongside all your other activities.

To try and help with this, we've just added our first round of integrations with other platforms. You can now use the Logbook to automatically upload your workouts to Strava, Training Peaks and Fitbit.

In order to connect your Logbook to these sites, all you need to do is go to your profile page and click on Edit Profile. Once you've done that, select Applications and then follow the instructions. From that point on, any workout which is added to the Logbook will then go straight through to Strava or Fitbit. Only workouts with stroke data (such as those done using ErgData) can be uploaded to Training Peaks. If you ever want to stop uploading to these sites, simply go back to the Applications page and click on Revoke.

If your platform of choice is not currently supported, it's also now possible to export workouts with stroke data as either a TCX or FIT file. These can then be uploaded manually to other platforms such as Garmin Connect.

These integrations are still in an early phase, so if you have any feedback, or if there are any other platforms you'd like us add, please let us know.