Team Diamonds

An international group of keen indoor rowers/bikers/skiers who are all aged 59+. Some of us erg for health/fitness, while others are a little more serious! RowErg, BikeErg, and SkiErg members welcome! Check out our Team Diamonds Facebook page, a private group for our members! NB - If you would like to receive email from the team captain, please login to your account, select Edit Your Profile from the Profile dropdown and under the Contact Preferences tab, check to allow Receive Mass Emails from Your Team Captain. If you are not receiving emails, team members must have an email on file at C2 and change their Contact Preferences.

Athlete Age Location Country
Al Balfour 73 Calgary, AB CAN
Alan Bishop 76 Linden, TN USA
alan foley 71 Mountain Center , CA USA
Alex Khieninson 69 Tarpon Springs, FL USA
Andrea Durant 61 Lowmans πŸ‡»πŸ‡¨ VIN
Andrea Holland 66 Ascot, UK GBR
Andrea Lijoi 66 Rome ITA
Andrew Douglas 65 Trumbull, CT USA
Andrew Burns 82 Commerce, GA USA
Andy Robertson 71 GBR
Ann Owen 62 GBR
Anne Bourlioux 63 Montreal, QC CAN
Anne Nimmo 71 Innerleithen GBR
Ben Graham 59 GBR
Ben Joseph 66 London GBR
Bernd Becke 69 Brandenburg an der Havel GER
beth altabas 79 Torre Vieja ESP
Beverley Laundry 78 Yeppoon, QLD AUS
Beverly David 78 Medford, OR USA
Bill Silva 77 Petaluma, CA USA
Bill Winter 78 Geelong West, VIC AUS
Bill Buzbee 65 Lake Oswego, OR USA
Bob Labbate 71 Southport, NC USA
Brett Clementz 66 Athens, GA USA
Brett Binns 65 Gouldsboro , ME USA
Brian Bigham 62 Highland, CA USA
Brian Passmore 75 Wasaga Beach, ON CAN
Bridget Robertson 75 Sunshine Coast, QLD AUS
Burt Sugiki 65 Honolulu, HI USA
Calleen Banes 66 USA
Catherine Rego 72 Fall River, MA USA
Catherine Manthorpe 66 GBR
Cathy Zack 65 Durham, CT USA
Charles Clarkson 72 Cape Town RSA
Cheryl Murray 76 Oracle, AZ USA
Chris Flint 68 Gosfield GBR
Christopher Munday 69 Sydney, NSW AUS
Clarence Sitzman 74 Fort Collins, CO USA
claudia giacomazzi 60 SGT nautica Trieste ITA
Colin McIntosh 64 Highclere GBR
Colleen Farrell 63 Berkley, MI USA
Craig Hall 82 Grass Valley, CA USA
Curtis Cates 73 Köln GER
Cynthia Wrinkle 71 Milton-Freewater, OR USA
Cynthia Bohannon 62 USA
Daphne Peredun 70 Sault Ste. Marie, ON CAN
David Gorby 69 Towson, MD USA
David Tuson 65 Frimley GBR
David Francis 66 London GBR
David La Rue 67 Westerville, OH USA
Deb Ford 66 Ellison Bay, WI USA
Debb Szeluga 71 Iowa city, IA USA
Denis Hancock 63 Lynbrook, VIC AUS
Don Wade 68 Corsicana , TX USA
Donn Wishka 64 Middletown, MD USA
Doug Geiger 69 Lumby, BC CAN
Douglas Robertson 62 Newton, MA USA
Edna Naylor 78 CAN
Ellen Pazdzior 66 Ottawa, ON CAN
Eric LaFranchi 63 Calistoga, CA USA
Eric-Jan Van Eerde 63 Apeldoorn NED
Franz Korkesch 67 Kronach, BY GER
Garry Towns 65 Pewsey, Wiltshire GBR
Gary Moore 62 Dover GBR
Gary Wilson 74 Wheaton, IL USA
Gary Dodds 62 Bedlington, Northumberland GBR
George Bohannon 61 Mebane, NC USA
George Smith 74 Bel Aire, KS USA
George Kacandes 64 Athens GRE
Georgina Price 73 London GBR
Geraldine Byrne 63 Scotland GBR
Graham Salisbury 66 Derby GBR
Graham Cassford 66 Sevenoaks GBR
Graham Knight 67 Coventry GBR
Greg Berry 68 San Tan Valley, AZ USA
Greg Hellar 69 Trenton, MI USA
Gregg Mack 69 Austin, TX USA
Gunther Krausbar 61 Ottawa, ON CAN
Guy Farrands 61 AUS
Hannelore Naumann 75 Jettenbach GER
Hans Dube 71 Brügge GER
Harry Allen 85 Mill Valley, CA USA
Heather Saunders 64 Wellingborough GBR
Heinz Hähnlein 65 πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺBerlin🐻🚣 GER
Ian Nimmo 83 Innerleithen GBR
Ian Warrington 71 Church Lawton πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ GBR
Ian Dawson 77 Dumfries GBR
Igor Cucnik 65 Cerklje na Gorenjskem SLO
Ishbel Driver 64 GBR
J. Ellen Thompson 72 Webster, MA USA
Jacqui Springgay 65 York GBR
James Boyle 62 Edinburgh GBR
James Old 76 Surrey, BC CAN
janet dutton 66 GBR
Janice Macdonald 64 Collingwood, ON CAN
Janine JOSEPH 62 London GBR
Jeremy Brown 60 GBR
Jerry Roth 67 Charleston, WV USA
Jill Hugessen 63 Montreal, QC CAN
Jim Mccarthy 65 NJ USA
Jim Leinbach 69 Mesa, AZ USA
Jim Kurle 79 St. Paul, MN USA
Joan Boyce 66 Presque Isle, WI USA
Joanna Fisher 67 Manchester GBR
Joel Binkley 73 Pickerington , OH USA
John Rupp 78 Santa Maria πŸƒπŸ»‍♂️ USA
John Haberer 74 Fort Worth, TX USA
John Branchflower 72 Summit, NJ USA
John Winstead 63 Fredericksburg, TX USA
John McKenna 61 Hatfield, PA USA
John Hyde 70 Barnsley GBR
Jonathan Beddoes 68 Parksville, BC CAN
Judy Wilmot 69 Bath GBR
Julie Schonberg 64 pukalani, HI USA
Kai Bierbaß 63 Kiel GER
Karen Sullivan 62 USA
Karlheinz Naumann 76 Jettenbach GER
Kathleen Howard 66 MI USA
Kathy Moreno 65 Lynden, WA USA
Keith Greenfield 69 Devizes GBR
Kenneth Monger 61 Dayton, VA USA
Kirsten McFadden 69 Bendigo, VIC AUS
Kris Jane 75 Newquay GBR
L Moss 66 Evanston, IL USA
Larry D'Andrea 63 Rockland, NY USA
Laurel VanWilligen 67 Ames, IA USA
Len Osborn 68 Geelong, VIC AUS
Lindsay Burgess 64 AUS
Lindy Hou 64 AUS
Lori Ambrose 63 IL USA
Luther Jones 75 Boise, ID USA
Lynette Sleight 70 AUS
Lynn Mazur 64 USA
lynne broad 61 Toongabbie, VIC AUS
Marc Sollosy 70 Huntington, WV USA
Marc Rau 70 Brugge BEL
Marcel Petrella 68 Brantford , ON CAN
Marina Stock 67 Cardiff GBR
Marion Walker 69 Benhall GBR
Mark Kaehler 69 Solano, CA USA
Mark Nelson 63 Columbia, ME USA
Mark Shenker 70 Missoula, MT USA
Mark D. Mazur 65 Hudson , OH USA
Martha Davis 65 Ansonville , NC USA
Martin Brown 69 McMinnville, OR USA
Martin Smyth 73 Port Dover, ON CAN
Mary Lou O'Halloran 65 Kingston, MA USA
May Cassar 69 GBR
Melanie Wade 64 Corsicana, TX USA
Michael Danjus 69 Emden GER
michael burton 71 hamilton NZL
Michael French 63 Swindon GBR
Michael K. Schramm 65 Flower Mound, TX USA
Michel Koenigs 62 Lingenfeld GER
Mick Clarke 77 Harare ZIM
Mike Stephenson 63 Lytham St Annes GBR
mike phifer 67 Boulder, CO USA
Mike Smith 77 Collaroy ., NSW AUS
Neil Korth 76 Bend, OR USA
Neil Heyden 65 Alameda, CA USA
Nigel Salsbury 83 Bideford, GBR
Norm Schroeder 78 Brunswick, ME USA
Norman Gribbins 81 Ferndown GBR
Norman Belden 72 MD USA
Ole Mose 64 Randers SØ DEN
Olivier Perret 69 Lampeter GBR
Paolo Bramucci 66 Montréal, QC CAN
Pat Lawrence-Caldwell 63 Wilmington, DE USA
Patricia Dragunas 70 Bernardsville , NJ USA
Patsy Lindamood 71 Huntsville, TX USA
Paul Jones 65 QLD AUS
Paula Heaney 65 GBR
Paulo Hamacher 73 Rio de Janeiro BRA
Peta Robinson 66 Bribie Island, QLD AUS
Peter Dragunas 67 Bernardsville , NJ USA
Peter McDonald 79 Buckingham GBR
Peter Eich 73 Oberammergau GER
Peter Barkas 74 Cambridge GBR
Philip Stock 68 Cardiff GBR
Philip Baker 71 Bognor Regis GBR
Piet Zweedijk 78 Apeldoorn NED
Päivi Törmä 67 Riihimäki FIN
Ralph Currey 70 Ridgewood, NJ USA
Randy Stroup 65 Pike Road, AL USA
Raynor Holmes Jr. 70 Austintown , OH USA
Richard Rogala 70 Prince George , BC CAN
Richard Bagley 69 Amherst, NH USA
Richard Dower 74 Overland Park, KS USA
Rick Vaglienti 68 Morgantown, WV USA
Rob Creaser 61 Sydney , NSW AUS
Rob McMichael 68 Mendham, NJ USA
roberto di luzio 63 civitavecchia ITA
Robin Smyth-Osbourne 65 London GBR
Robin Keller 69 Norwalk, CT USA
Roman Peredun 70 Sault Ste. Marie, ON CAN
Ron Kellermann 64 Carmel, CA USA
Ron G Davis 66 USA
Rony Van den Velde 64 Lebbeke BEL
Roque Barbieri 62 Mar Del Plata ARG
Roy Harris 67 Altrincham GBR
roy dobson 68 Horgen SUI
Russell Provost 76 Richmond, NH USA
Russell Gambier 70 GBR
Sandy Ray 71 USA
Sarah Fox 64 Reading GBR
Scott Johnson 68 USA
Seamus Murphy 64 Dallas, TX USA
Seth Brody 72 Bolton, MA USA
Sheldon Langsam 74 Kalamazoo, MI USA
Simon Allen 61 Samford Valley, QLD AUS
Simon Lebus 66 Cambridge GBR
Stephen Flynn 67 Crickhowell GBR
stephen devico 67 Randolph , MA USA
Stephen Cary 76 GBR
Steve Rains 66 Lansing, MI USA
Steve Yang 70 Victoria, BC CAN
Steve Barratt 62 Bedlington, Northumberland GBR
Steve Weintraub 68 Saint Louis, MO USA
Steven Meyer 76 San Bruno, CA USA
Steven Harris 64 BrIarcliff Manor, NY USA
Sue McCormick 73 Brisbane, QLD AUS
Sunne Hogan 60 Dallas, TX USA
Tarjaleena Tuukkanen 63 Hyvinkää FIN
Ted McDonald 69 Phoenix, AZ USA
Terry Wall 69 Regina, SK CAN
Thomas Kirchhoff 63 Konstanz GER
Thomas Gavin 68 Duluth, MN USA
Thomas Droll 63 Faßberg GER
Thomas Locicero 62 Broken Arrow, OK USA
Tom Minney 64 Durham GBR
Tom Tingle 75 Superior , CO USA
Tom Burns 78 Hilton Head Island, SC USA
Tony Ramirez 64 USA
Tony Lorrimer 78 GBR
Tony Fletcher 65 Glenroy , NSW AUS
Ulrike Muckol 65 Dornum GER
Uwe Giese 71 Hamburg GER
Wade Doiron 68 Charlottetown, PE CAN
Walter Anthonissen 65 Hemiksem BEL
Warren Weaver 66 Owings Mills, MD USA
Wayne Schnatter 64 Scotch Plains, NJ USA
Wayne Calvert 73 Mullica Hill, NJ USA
Wendy McAvoy 63 Falmouth, ME USA
William Whitcombe 73 Caerphilly Wales GBR
William Hosken 87 Libertyville, IL USA