Red Line Rowers

We are a team founded in 2015 to provide a supportive and informal environment for rowers of all ages and abilities. We are not aiming to be the biggest or most high profile club. Rather, for each of us to be the best we can, and to support others in their efforts to be the same. We remember that everyone's effort, whether slow or fast, is important. We are always on the look out for keen new members, particularly Heavyweights. What we hope to see from our members is that they represent the club in the monthly CTC and other challenges, and that they support each other on our Facebook club page. Beyond that we are pretty relaxed about things.

Athlete Age Location Country
Alan Agnew 62 Portrush GBR
Amanda Smith 34 GBR
Amanda Barker 55 GBR
Andrew Combe 38 NOR
Andrew Simmonds 53 Southend GBR
Anthony Swallow 46 Séez GBR
Anton Richter-Visser 53 Hamilton NZL
Barbara Apro 45 Peacehaven GBR
Bev Beeley 43 GBR
Caleb Evans 46 Tetbury GBR
chris anderton 61 Stockport GBR
Colin Beacon 65 Hertford GBR
David Gigg 56 Norwich GBR
David Phillips 49 Canterbury, Kent GBR
David Sands 39 GBR
David Child 55 Portsmouth GBR
Denise Pearson 65 Manchester GBR
Dougie Lawson 59 Basingstoke GBR
Gaynor Johnson 65 Cheadle Hulme GBR
George Wilkie 65 Durham GBR
George Bingham 62 Keighley, W. Yorks GBR
Graham Hutchings 56 Horley, Surrey GBR
graham fisher 52 Leeds GBR
ian hoy 57 Telford GBR
Jack Regan 66 Larne GBR
James Simpson 49 GBR
Jan Hruska 50 Leigh on Sea GBR
Jessica Hill 39 GBR
John Bottomley 43 Whaley Bridge, High Peak GBR
Jonathan Brice 50 Gloucester GBR
Jørn Farmen 47 Lier NOR
Keith Darby 47 Ashingdon GBR
Kirstin Hall 54 Oslo NOR
Leif Hagen 57 Andebu NOR
Lene Farmen-Hall 49 Nøtterøy NOR
Liam McKinney 47 Aberdeen GBR
Lisa Black 51 Wanganui NZL
Mabel G 15 GBR
Maggie O'Connor 57 GBR
Marie Page 50 North Lincolnshire GBR
Mark Rhine 44 MI USA
Marvyn Robinson 47 GBR
meurice robinson 45 GBR
Michael Alvey-Anderson 47 Daventry GBR
Nadine Boles 61 Brooklyn, NY USA
Nick Horne 63 Cambridge GBR
Nicola Leighfield 55 GBR
Paul Sands 65 Buntingford GBR
Paul White 45 Blaenavon GBR
paula trowbridge 53 Dorset GBR
Peter Gleaves 59 Preston, Lancashire GBR
Phil Hardy 41 GBR
Richard Campos 70 Sheffield GBR
Richard Milner 48 South Shields GBR
Rina Dunn 47 GBR
Roger Fornebo 52 Oslo NOR
Rowland Hills 44 York GBR
Russell Jones 66 Hertfordshire GBR
Sam Willetts 33 GBR
Sam White 37 Norwich GBR
Sarah Garrett 58 Swindon GBR
Simon Morris 51 North Walsham GBR
STEFAN KAMMER 51 MOntréal Québec CAN
Steve Berridge 53 West Moors GBR
sue pullen 57 GBR
Tim Young 47 GBR
Tony Hardy 54 GBR
Tracy Watkins 48 Norfolk UK GBR
Val Craft 44 Swindon GBR
Vincent Garner 56 FARNBOROUGH, Hampshire GBR
Warren Jones 51 Tidworth GBR
Zydrune Batvinyte 35 LTU